Kingfisher Buzz

A new age malt-based, flavoured alcoholic beverage (FAB) from the house of Kingfisher. Complementing the energetic and expressive youth of today, Kingfisher Buzz truly brings together the crazy mix of emotions and activities that life is.

Fizzy, tasty and colourful Buzz comes in a trendy packaging that appeals to its target audience and sets it apart from other beverages available in the market. Its sleek embossed bottles with a easy to open pull cap makes it a perfect go-to drink . Its less than 5% alcohol content and delicious taste make it enjoyable not only for young drinkers who are always looking for interesting new ways to have a good time, but also for those who, currently ,do not drink beer.

Buzz comes in 2 exciting flavours: Berry and Lychee. The two thoughtfully created flavours have a unique mass appeal, which can stir any party and create the Buzz that they stand for.

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Kingfisher Buzz Lychee has the refreshing
exotic flavour of lychees with
a lingering aftertaste
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Kingfisher Buzz Berry has a clean,
crisp, tropical berry taste with deliciously
sweet and tangy fruity notes.
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